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Turn based tactics supreme!

Challenge your friends or practice against the AI in this 1v1 turn-based tactics game. Every round, you and your opponent plan 3 steps in advance: no more idling while the opponent thinks too slow! But who got the better strategy? Who mind-games whom?
Tactical depth and variety awaits due to destructible and penetrable environments, as well as an in-game level editor!

  • Synchronous turns: Plan 3 steps in advance while your opponent does the same.
  • Asymmetrical multiplayer: Opportunistic hackers vs righteous megacorp? Idealist revolutionaries vs malevolent corporate overlord? Pick your side!
  • Destructible and penetrable environments: Predict enemy positions and just shoot through the wall! Need a different angle? Breach some walls!
  • Instant Replay: Missed something? Look at what happened in the last round again. Any detail can give you an edge!
  • Practice AI: Want to get used to the game without pressure? Try practicing against the AI!
  • In-game level editor: Make your own levels and play them against your friends or the AI
  • Cloud Games: Turn any game into an asynchronous cloud game. Don't have time to finish the game in one go? Come back later, the game will be waiting for you.

Synchronicity is still in development and will be released when it's ready. You can follow the development on my twitter account: @SominKlein

or join me on discord:

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